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10 foot Paddleboards | Kai Model

10' Performance Surf or Flat Water Paddleboard - As with all Creed SUP boards, super light weight performance in lots of conditions.  This is a 10' paddleboard at only 21.4 lbs!   Insanity.  Stand up paddle the bays, rivers, lakes, and the surf with ease.  Super flat mid bottom shape keeps volume in touch with the water (speed and stability), enabling a great flatwater paddle, while the sharper nose and tail rockers, rounded rails, and lighter weight foam make this paddle board easier to manuever in all types of surf.   Vacum bagged bamboo sandwich construction make this SUP paddler / surfer more responsive, with great rigidity, and super bouyant, lighter foam.  Standard handle, auto-release gore-valve, and Go Pro mount are all included.  Don't be led away to large boards by competitors specs.  Creed SUP boards are lighter, and 15% more buoyant than boards using standard heavy foams and construction techniques.   Creed SUP enables you to get a smaller board that looks great, and paddles much better than other paddleboards costing even $700 more. 

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