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Happy customers make US  very happy.  Come on, join the quickly growing ranks of very satsified Creed SUP board owners.   Please check out the un-edited product reviews left by customers on the product pages as well.  

Ryan, FL

My wife hooked me up this Christmas and got me the 12' Talon Red Veg board with the Carbon S paddle. I did a lot of research over the past few months and Creed SUP boards are not only the most visually appealing but have the most consistent positive feedback from its customers. I could tell how much care goes into these boards simply by the way my board was shipped. Once all the packaging was taken off I got a good look at the board. All I can say is WOW! This board is awesome! The Talon is just as impressive on the water. It's light, stable and smooth. Great job Creed SUP and thanks for such a great board! 

Jeff - CA

My wife and I were looking to get into SUP. I found Creed online and did a lot of spec comparison with many others in general price range. We went out to Creed and demo'd a 10' Kai for the bride and an 11' Talon for me. Randy dropped us off at the harbor and we jumped on and were off and running immediately. I met a guy in the harbor who had a much bigger/fatter/heavier Tower SUP and we actually tried each others out. I liked the Creed much better and no loss of stability but easier to handle than the bigger Tower. The guy liked mine better too! 

The bride had a blast so we bought them and immediately went over to Mission Bay and proceeded to paddle for several hours more. The next morning after just one day of SUP, I figured I would give the open water a try as this was the reason I wanted to SUP. I live 100 yds from WindnSea Beach in La Jolla and carried my new Talon down. Easy carrying handle was great. Lightweight and looked cool. Now the hard part, launch off of WindnSea without getting creamed in the surf. Anyone who knows this area knows its not the easiest entry. I successfully launched and in no time was 300 yards off shore. I proceeded to try standing up and after about an hour I was absolutely ocean confident in my SUP ability. So much friggin fun! Way more interesting than cruising Mission Bay. 

The next day I talked the bride into joining me in the Ocean and after helping her launch she was out there loving every minute. This is from a woman who won't go in the Ocean under pretty much any circumstances. This is a true testament to the fun and the ease of use of the Creed SUPs. When we would come ashore and collapse in our beach chairs from a a satisfying period of SUP, our boards got plenty of attention due to their beautiful looks. 

Happy SUP guy and bride in La Jolla, CA 

Michael - FL

Hi Randy,

Thank you for taking the time to protect the boards for shipment. There were no scratches or dents when I received them. It was a religious experience, well it was more like an archeological excavation to get down to the boards. But I had to go one layer at a time. It does show that you care about the boards, but more importantly it shows that you care about me.

My friends were really impressed with how great the boards looked. We went out to try them out today and one of my friends is an experienced paddler and the first thing she said was, "wow these boards are really stable". We paddled for about an hour and my other friend that had never been on an SUP board had no trouble keeping up with us. So I was looking for a board that was fast and that would track well, but also provided enough stability so that someone who had never done it before would enjoy themselves. The boards performed great! And I'm proud of them.

Kevin in CO

Thank you for all of the advise on which paddleboards to buy. My wife and I are thrilled with our new Creed paddle boards. The boards are extremely light, making it easier to access certain lakes in Colorado. The bamboo gives the board added rigidity without comprising on weight. The Talon model is very nimble in the water and tracks very well. We have been covering great distances with these boards which is not possible with heavier models. I am so glad we chose these boards. I was able to buy two boards for the price of one Laird model and you provided excellent customer service as far as answering questions, providing free shipping.  Also, the graphics on the board are amazing and we get a lot of compliments everywhere we take our boards. They are very stylish compared to other internet companies with .com plastered all over the board such as SUP @*#  and we have been spreading the word about your company everywhere we go.

Jim- SD

Just wanted to take a moment to share our great experience with Creed SUP. I am 44 years old and a first time SUP guy. Your offer of a demo ride made all the difference for me and my wife. We were very confident after the first 30 minutes on your board. After getting that out of the way it was time to make a purchase. Your wealth of knowledge and friendly no-pressure pitch made all the difference. Your product, selection, and pricing were fantastic!
My wife and I are looking forward to getting out on our Creed SUP boards tomorrow. We will be paddling our Marina taking in a great Sunday afternoon! We will be sending you all of our friends and neighbors based on our great experience with Creed SUP.
Thanks again, see you soon.

Tom from Dana Point, CA I’ve done my research, and we’ve owned and tested lots of other boards. That you guys can do what you did with these boards at that price is incredible.  First off they look amazing, but then you pick one up and you know right away that the weight’s something crazy.  After the water demo, we couldn’t believe that you’re selling these at near Costco prices (until we saw the receipt).  Just about everyone that sees our boards asks where we got them and is blown away by the (graphics).  My wife hands her board to people and then they flip over the weight.  We’re sending them all your way.   Thank you!

Ericka from San Diego -   The 11 foot (other brand) board I tried, I could barely even pick up.   These are much lighter, and now, with the way your boards float, I’m on a beautiful 9 foot sup that fits inside my car!!

Rob from San Diego -  I bought a (another brand) twelve footer, that’s supposedly made to float big guys like me.   I got on it,  and it sank  2 inches under water.   I could hardly stand, much less paddle.  This (Creed SUP Loa) is perfect for me, rails sit about 2” above the water, lots of glide, and it looks amazing.  I’m telling everyone about you.  

Jamie from San Diego - The weight of our boards is unbe******gleavable.  I’ve never seen anything like this.   Went in planning to shop around, 2 days later I have 2 CS boards & paddles. 

Ilene from Santa Monica-  We stopped in to see your competitors boards, and felt they just wanted us to hurry and buy something, anything, as long as we were quick.  We walked into your place and couldn’t believe the boards you had, or your prices.  Your people calmly told us everything we wanted to know about the boards, told us to take a free demo, gave us free lessons, (and free fish tacos J), and spent hours tending to us while we decided between 3 different sized boards, and hours more while we chose graphics.   We knew that first priority there was that we were happy with our boards, and were going to enjoy them, or that we made no purchase at all. That makes everything so much easier.   Feels like we have friends we’ve known for years at Creed SUP.  Thank you, and we’ll be back soon.

Dan from Arizona-  Hey Randy,  here’s a pic of my board hanging on my rec-room wall. I first mentioned the idea to my GF and she said no way.  Now she walks her friends through the house to show them my board.  All these visitors are cramping my man cave vibe.  Here’s a pic before I take that (thing) down.  J/K. Thanks man, I’m sooooo stoked.

Jaime in SD: Tim and I went out on or 10' yesterday at Coronado Cays. We had so much fun. These boards ride like a dream. Hoping to improve enough to try and bring it out in small swells (1-2ft). I am so glad I waited to get a SUP other wise I would not have gotten such a wonder deal and and even better looking board. I love my board. The quality and artwork amazing. Absolutely love it. I kept looking at my board yesterday; while out paddling, just because I love the design! Thank you Randy and the rest of the team at Creed for a wonder deal and an amazing board! WE LOVE THEM!

Eric in NY: I got my board a couple weeks ago and I am stoked. Its awesome, I already have taught my girlfriend to paddle it and I really like to take it out myself. The fingerlakes are perfect for sup !

Bill in OR: Rode my brother's new Creed Hono this week in the Willamette River near Portland, OR. Now I want my own Hono!

Francis in PA: I bought 2 Creed SUP boards an am very happy with them. There's no comparison with the boards out here in regards to performance,price and looks. I get alot of comments.

Share in FL: I want to first start with the look of this board. When I pulled this board out of the truck to put on the water it drew a crowd. Everyone loved the way this board looked and wanted to know where I got it. Once on the water the board was everything I hoped it would be. The board had great float on the flatwater and was easy to maneuver. I will test it surfing next week. I cannot wait!! 

Billy in MD: Great board! Nice and light. Glides well. Looks great!! Very happy with my purchase from Creed. 

For more pics and testimonials, come see the Creed SUP Facebook page. 

Rick Ranjo -  After winning his 3'rd straight race on the CS Loa Surf Class Race Paddle Board, getting his trophy from legend Gerry Lopez. 

Rick Ranjo Receiving his trophy from Gerry Lopez after winning the surf class paddle board race at BOP