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Which size for me?

From the most frequent asked question…..

Which size and shape board should I get?

You can check the selction matrix pic below, read the tips below that, and you can also fill out the SUP Board Selector Tool and one of our pros will get back to you via email.  

paddle board selection chart

There are 3 main factors that determine the standup paddle board that best suits you.  

#1- Your Weight

#2- Experience level

#3- Intended Use

Creed SUP boards use a unique vacuum bagging technique with bamboo and DekEFX laminates which allow us to use lighter foam, and make our boards lighter and more buoyant than other boards, while maintaining rigidity and durability.  Our suggested maximum weights are higher since our designs are able to efficiently handle more weight.  Since the boards are lighter, and easier to handle in and out of the water, the suggested minimum weight is lower.  The design of our boards allows much more versatility in optimum size and use of the boards.  

9’ “Kolohe” Model – This is a low foam volume paddle board intended for either very experienced paddle boarders up to 190 lbs, or lighter, novice  or better riders up to 160 lbs. The principal use for a larger rider on this SUP board is surfing or training.  For lighter riders, the board is a good maneuverable choice for progressing in all aspects of the sport; flatwater touring, surfing, or training.  Many of our customers, who may be more stable on a 10’ board, go with the 9’ in order to get a better workout, or for ease of storage and transport (9’ boards fit inside most hybrid / SUV’s).  First timers at 145 lbs or less are normally able to quickly (1st day of use) progress to a comfortable stability level on this board. 

10’ “Kai 10” Model - This is a high volume 10’ board intended for advanced riders up to 245 lbs, or novices or better up to 210 lbs.   This board is the most popular choice for customers who want to do plenty of flatwater paddling, but who will also paddle into the swell and paddle surf.  It is also the choice for paddlers who want: #1.  A cooler looking, more “surfy” feeling board versus a standard 11’. #2.  Ease of storage and transport versus an 11’.  #3.  A better workout  with a slightly quicker take off than an 11’.  #4.  Larger paddle surf riders, who want the maneuverability of a shorter board, with rounded nose and pin tail for more wave face action.  #5.  Beginning paddle surf riders.  The extra volume and buoyancy, flat mid bottom,  and maneuverability make this  board more forgiving in the swell for paddle surf riders just getting started, while the more surf oriented rocker and shape allows for years of progression in the waves.

11’ “Talon” Model - For all purpose SUP flatwater speed and maneuverability, with the ability to surf the swell, this is the SUP board for riders up to 240 lbs (advanced paddlers up to 260).  The design traits of the Talon series are for lightweight speed and stability, with a focus on flat water.  This board is quickly replacing our customer’s 12’ boards (from other brands) that weighed up to 40% more, and didn’t float or maneuver nearly as well.    For customers deciding between our 10’ and 11’ foot models, the deciding factor is usually answered with the following questions.  If your answer is yes, consider the 11’, if no, consider the 10’.  “Do you mind a bit slower take off (a paddle stroke or 2 more to get to full speed versus a 10), but with a higher and easier to maintain top speed?  Do you want an easier paddle for longer tours (more stability, less of leg and core workout)?  Are you going to primarily flatwater paddle and maybe occasionally or rarely surf?  Are you going to tandem with a pet or small child?  Are you paddling up current or upwind as much as not? 

12’ “Talon” Model – The flatwater speed and maneuverability of our 11’ model, with more volume for either larger sup riders, or sup riders who want an easier paddling experience.  This is also the board of choice for an easier tandem paddle, tours with more gear lashed to the board, or riders looking for  more overall stability and ease of use, with little to no training curve.  Suggested maximum weight is 265 lbs.  This board is shaped to handle small swell and surf for larger riders, but is primarily a flatwater cruising vessel.

12’2” “Loa” Model - Tons of volume from deck to bottom, and drawn in width from rail to rail.  This board is designed for ultimate top speed while maximizing stability.  Very flat rails, flat rocker, and  flat nose to tail, and rail to rail bottom make this board a flatwater speed demon. The specs are designed for maximum speed benefit within the “Surf Class” racer specs, but  the primary purpose is speed and stability on flatwater runs.   Easily go tandem,  fish,  yoga, or strap on gear to go on long tours with the ease offered by the extremely high volume of this large SUP board.   Maximum suggested weight for this SUP board is over 300 lbs.

12’6” “Hono” Model – A top of the line race and tour SUP  board. This board has some of the most technically advanced shape and construction features in the water.  The Hono is a great choice for those just getting into racing and touring due to the lower price and amazing stability, but is a truly competitive SUP racer for the athletes who are competing in sprints and tour races, due to the combination of innovative shape and construction features.  The unique “in the water” displacement bow keeps the speed and stability gaining length in the water   Great for downwinding  or simply cruising the flatwater.   The Hono can be tailwhipped with the ease of few to no other racers in the water.  Suggested maximum rider weight is 250 for advanced riders, but even novice riders up to 230 will have no problem working through the training curve due to the great stability.  As with most racing / touring shaped boards, the Hono is only for “point and shoot” straight forward surfing, but will get you where you’re going quickly, in style, and relatively dry.